He is one of the smartest guys that I think that I've ever met. Not only because of his knowledge about medicine, but he really makes you feel like he's your neighborhood doctor. He really makes you feel comfortable.
Maria Quiban, Fox 11 News
His bedside manner I'd say is top-notch. He is very clear and concise and caring; everything one would want in a doctor.
Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine
He's honest with you. He will not operate if he doesn't think you need it.
Dr. Calvin Johnson, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Ahluwalia instills great confidence because he's got enormous talent.
Rob Cohen, Movie Director
I would not recommend Dr. Ahluwalia to a friend or family member,I would force them to go see him!.
Jimmi Simpson
For me, Dr. Ahluwalia is the best orthopaedic surgeon.
Gulshan Grover


Jimmi Simpson- Actor, House of Cards

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More Quotes From Satisfied Patients

“I broke my hip the end of 2013 and was referred to Dr. Ahluwalia by my physician for hip replacement surgery. I cannot say enough good things about him and the experience. From our first meeting in the hospital to our last follow up appointment in his office I was treated with kindness and professionalism. I knew I was in good hands. I have had a fast and easy recovery and am 95% back to what I could do before after only 5 weeks.”


“I cannot say enough about Dr. Ahluwalia, I had such a comfortable experience with him and his staff that I was completely put at ease. I had developed Osteoarthritis and needed a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Ahluwalia explained everything about the procedure to me and he was there throughout the whole process and was very involved. I felt that Dr. Ahluwalia gave me the encouragement to stay positive and the confidence to push myself to a fast recovery.”


“After strugglingDr. Ahluwalia Leading Orthopedic Surgeon with constant pain from my right shoulder rotator cuff tear, I had sleepless nights, and I felt as though the pain would never go away. After my consultation with Dr. Ahluwalia, I was completely confident that he would get the job done and help me to finally get a good night’s rest. Making the decision to have my shoulder surgery completely changed my life. Now Thanks to Dr. Ahluwalia I am now able to use my shoulder without constant reminder that there is a rotator cuff tear and most important, I can now get a good night’s rest. ”


“I was recommended to Dr. Ahluwalia by an old friend and with all the good things that I heard about him I flew all the way from India to get my knee surgery done. I am a very active person and enjoy outdoor activities. I’ m happy to say that Dr. Ahluwalia helped me to continue with my many outdoor sports and activities. He and his staff were there every step of the way to make this experience pleasant and comfortable for me. My recovery was quick and I could not be happier with my stay here and the treatment that was given to me. Thank you Dr. Ahluwalia.”


“Dr. Ahluwalia answered all my questions very promptly. He made the whole process of getting my hip resurfacing operation very easy. I am nearly pain free; I couldn’t be happier with the progress that I have made and I am walking more or less normally and very quickly after my surgery.”


“There are no ratings high enough for Dr. Ahluwalia. If other doctors were 1/2 as brilliant, caring, and devoted to their professions and patients as Ahluwalia, the world would be a much better place. He performed emergency surgery on my husband’s broken femur, so we experienced him both in the hospital and via many follow-ups in his office. He was ALWAYS available to both of us, addressed all our concerns with sincere compassion and care. My husband walks normally now, thanks to this talented doctor/surgeon. I can not say enough good things about him. Other doctors should aspire to be like Dr. Ahluwalia. Brilliant, kind, available, responsible, sensitive, conservative in surgery, caring, and devoted. An all-around extraordinary human being.”


“Greatest Orthopedic Surgeon! – I had to have knee replacement surgery, and I was definitely afraid. Dr. Ahluwalia tended to all of my needs, and made sure I was in no pain. Many doctors had told me I would have pain regardless it was normal, but Dr. Ahluwalia performed the surgery, and did an excellent job! Recovery was easy in terms of pain, and he was there to check up on me often. He came highly recommended and for obvious reasons! I recommend him to everyone as well! He is great you wont regret it!”

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