In addition to being a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ahluwalia is also in high demand in the media. In his birth country of India, Dr. Ahluwalia is famous for his position as the host of “All Is Well with Dr. Ahluwalia,” a television show that the Wall Street Journal has called the Dr. Oz Show of India.

In addition to “All is Well with Dr. Ahluwalia,” the doctor also appears regularly in the US media. He currently serves as the medical expert for the Los Angeles-based news program Good Day LA. He has also made numerous appearances on shows such as “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Today Show,” “The Doctors,” “Extra TV,” and “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.”

Videos of Dr. Ahluwalia

Below are just a few of the many media appearances Dr. Ahluwalia has made. Visit his YouTube channel to see more!

Dr. Ahluwalia on the Today Show:

Dr. Ahluwalia on ET:

Dr. Ahluwalia on Good Day LA:

Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia appears weekly on Good Day LA as the resident medical expert. Below is just a sampling of his appearances.

Brain Injuries + NFL Football Concussions

A compilation of media appearances, including a visit to Grey’s Anatomy:

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