Thousands of people undergo knee replacement surgery every year. Even more people fail to receive care because they don’t know the signs and symptoms of a joint that needs to be replaced. By better understanding these indicators, patients are able to more accurately identify their pain and seek the appropriate treatment.knee-injury-surgery_los_angeles

Knowing the Signs of Knee Damage

The sooner you realize you need knee surgery, the better your chances are of a full recovery. Here are five of the most common symptoms of knee injuries that might require replacement surgery:

Extended Periods of Knee Pain – If your knee pain lasts for hours at a time or is felt consistently over the span of many weeks or months, this may be a sign that the damage to your knee cannot heal on its own. Joint replacement surgery may be the best way to end the pain.

  • Noticeable Loss of Mobility – Pain and decreased range of motion in the knee can have a serious impact on your mobility. If you find yourself limited due to a loss of range of motion, replacement may be the best way to recover.
  • Difficulty with Everyday Activities – Specifically, a person with knee problems will have difficulty climbing stairs, walking, and getting in and out of chairs or bathtubs. In addition, knee pain may disrupt sleep.
  • Grating Feeling in the Joint – The joint, ligaments, and cartilage in the knees are meant to help them move in a smooth and natural manner. If you feel a grating sensation when moving your knee, it’s a sign that the joint may be worn down past the point of recovery.
  • Inability to Relieve Pain – Medications can help dull the pain and stiffness of knee damage. Likewise, canes can help support your weight when your knee cannot. But if these options are no longer bringing relief, it may be a sign that your knee is in need of replacement surgery.

There are many different treatment options for severely injured knees. Whether you need a full or a partial replacement depends on the condition of your knee and what will help prevent issues from arising in the future. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to completely diagnose the condition of your knee and determine the right course of action.

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