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Rotator Cuff: Steps for Repair and Prevention

Failure of tendon attachment to the tuberosity is the most common type of rotator cuff tear. This commonly occurs near the bicep tendon, known as the anterior of the supraspinatus tendon. Pain from a rotator cuff tear is felt over the outside of the shoulder and upper arm from this injury. Patients often describe difficulty  Continue Reading »

Dealing With Pain After Rotator Cuff Repair

Pain in the shoulder occurs for many reasons. A tear in the rotator cuff is usually the common culprit in orthopedic injuries among adults, athlete or not. India’s ace golfer Jeev Milkha Singh, who has been struggling with pain in the right shoulder rotator cuff, recently announced that he is skipping the Tshwane Open in  Continue Reading »

By Sonu Ahluwalia
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